I know what you're thinking-

Not the echidna.

I see them-

massive structures of meat and bone



on destruction


hurled at me

some make impact

oh God-

is that a tooth?

My tooth?


I’ll say I bit an apple

No big deal-

No one will notice

No one will care.


I wander

In search of answers

In search of courage

I’ve sought


I (think) I’ve found.


The tender age of nine

So ripe, divine

Newfound confidence

Glides effortlessly through my veins

And courses


in the form

of retaliation



Impact was made.

Nose clutched

does little

to stop the

flow of blood

This time

It isn’t mine

When you seek

You will find

Oh, oh,

How profound

I have sought

I know I’ve found.



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