Why Do We Fall?



Everything enters the world as Pure...

An Angel if you will,

The sweet joy of innocence and ignorance,

The ability to experience the world with fresh eyes,

Untouched by the sins, that engulf this world, 

Eyes of which know nothing,

No knowledge of moral nor ethics...


With this an opportunity is given,

A chance to grow,

 To expand... To explore... To create,

However there will come difficulty,

to start a new... is to make mistakes,

to understand situations that seem unimaginable - until you have witnessed them for yourself,

To explore ...   To discover the choices and decisions available,

To expand...  To make these decisions or choices,

To create...  To further act upon these decisions,

This helps with the ability for the innocent angel to grow,


With this freedom comes the ability to achieve true happiness,

Although on the search of happiness comes it's counterpart of pain and hardship,

The factors that soil the sweet little angel inside,

To taint the once ignorant child like mind,

but if the choices and decisions made are those that guide the angel towards to light - only then are they able to prosper,

Whereas if they are drawn to the darkness - they will never achieve their full potential,

A fallen angel,

Robbed of the experience of true happiness, 

Forever trapped in the way of the lost.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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