My Day-to-day

Adversity is an atrocity to some.

But it sings to me my history and where I'm from.

In my day-to-day.


Equally acceptig challenges as I wait,

Romantically for my next like a lost soulmate.

In my day-to-day.


Knowing each will eventually and definitely

Better, benefit, strenghten, erect, and elevate me.

Throughout my day-to-day.


Permanently believing "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger."

"I am proud of my struggle, I'll fight and live longer!"

I say in my day-to-day.


Optimisticaly awaiting the day I level up.

Half full I'll always choose to see my cup.

In my day-to-day


Hoping and knowing the solutions will hit me,

Like an omnipotent, elucidating, and clensing epiphany.

It may not be this day today,

But one day during my day-to-day.



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