Musings of a Madman

Oh, to be mad, what a wonderful thing

Oh, to hear, such sweet symphonies

Oh, to live, so joyful and free

Oh, to know, to understand, to see

Yet, to be mad, is held in poor light

Yet I carry on, in an individual's right

Yet, I am burdened, by society's sight

Yet what is it to be mad, but to have no fright?

Knowing my place, I still carry on

Knowing my role, I still sing my song

Knowing my face, I am told I am wrong

Knowing my soul, I move right along

For living my life, can I be blamed?

For treading my path, I shall not be shamed

For despite adversities, trials are the same

For no matter the conflict, I still bear my name

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Our world
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Seems I write in a similar manner to Shakespeare, fancy that.

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