The Misfits


Throughout the halls, the lunch bell rings.

From the shadowy lockers, come the Misfits.

The aliens, the freaks, the weirdo kings.

 Sadly, typecast as dimwits.


There’s Jimmy, a lazy, aloof, pothead.

Next is Tweak, the dyslexic spaz.

Behind him is Katie, the gothic bitch, looking half dead.

Last, is Mark, the blonde boy called fag.


They huddle together and commiserate.

Surrounded by assholes who mock and tease.

Tweak is failing English with no aid.

Suffering from his disorder, he finds no peace.


The school itself is quite sad.

The teachers are ignorant and too busy.

Too hurried to notice Mara’s bruises from Dad.

And they wonder why she’s so hateful and nasty.


The school is lackluster and scummy.

Jimmy gets high to escape the stress.

His Dad dead, and Mom an alcoholic with no money.

His friends his only comfort, pot is his escape.


School is supposed to enrich lives

Mark lies to the world, about being gay.

He is verbally tortured. And often thinks of suicide.

He wonders how much more he can take.


But due to their friendship, each of them somehow get through.

Despite teachers turning the other way,

It’s kindness and love that show proof:

That maybe bullying will end someday.


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