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She cried as she slashed at her skin, It wasn’t the razor that hurt her but the feeling of sin. She wished she didn’t have to do this, But how else would she feel bliss?  
She cried as she slashed at her skin, It wasn’t the razor that hurt her but the feeling of sin. She wished she didn’t have to do this, But how else would she feel bliss?  
Depression kills Real lives. Depression steals Real lives.
You unfasten the buttons on your shirt loosen the collar alter the sides tie the ends into a knot cuff your sleeves
in the midst of it of disease and sickness i struggle struggle to pull myself out of bed start the
Not inspired to do not inspired to createdue toa lack of ability to feel, must embrace the momentto later mold it.   
Crying, kicking, screaming Tired of the yelling In the car and to the office Face to face; eyes burning It will be ok At least that's what I said I don't want to do it I'll never be better
Oh, little dreamer, Your eyes full of stars  And heart of wishes   While you rest Do the constellations Act out your wildest imaginations
I watch the ocean, reckless and vast, Patient and calm it makes me, But why? Why does something so harsh, Make me feel so alive.
I wake up to another day, A smile on my face, the pain locked deep inside, Where I know that it is safe, I see everyone around me, They all look so happy, I'm trapped inside my head,
Spiralling Spiralling Spiralling A one way trip but she's blocked Left, right, up Too much for goddess of madness to concoct It won't go through She can't get in Had to bid adieu To left, right, up
Ode to Depression  My clinical possession  That may instill obsession   Wear it like a winter coat Thicker than a moat 
Food was always troublesome  I never had a favorite  My portions had to be smaller than theirs This body needed to be thinner   Food became a chore
I don’t take in food  But you don’t expect it from me  Not underweight or obese  You tell me I’m not fat  Deep down, I already know that  
A child sleeps in peace tonight, snuggled warmly under layers of blue blankets, smiling serenely as dreams flutter gracefully across his angelic face.
"what your biggest fear?"reads the paper above. you remember the ache in your chest, not a few months backwhen you had spiraled down and slipped through the cracksyou remember the down you had hit years agothe doctor said it would come againit tur
I’m on a boat. I’m 7. I remember boats can capsize. I begin to doubt the integrity of this boat. I panic.   I’m in a car.
Fear of Losing Myself    The mirror is fogged. I can’t see the startled face reflected, caught mid-scream. Where am I?  I pound the glass only for it to break. Flimsy.
My dreams are dark, My moods are depressing. I feel so distressed amidst all of this, I feel haunted when I lay to bed, I feel disturbed when I'm wide awake, No peace for me on both ends,
When I was just ten,I wanted to die.The shadows priedthe light from my eyes,But for I have had friendswho ended their lives;too young to see it,broken and dried.We do not forget them.
there is a storm brewing, slowly like herbal tea, deep inside my ribcage.   the kiss of rain dominates my body, filling lungs with oceans of searing saltwater tears.  
Have you ever been scared? Felt like the blood in your body just stopped moving, Stopped circulating, make you believe you’re dead Like if you tried to step forward your leg would break on impact.
There is a cliff, a very steep cliff on the isle of dread and woe. Oft I've stood there on the cliff and gazed at the rocks below. The cliff has stood on the edge of the isle as long as I have known.
Hi I see your confusion and Your delusions Your tears, falling, falling Without reason I see your smile, overwhelming your face Don't hide, find me, let's embrace You write the words 
Did she hide because she was scared? What was she scared of? Did she even know? Was she jealous? Of what? What do I have that she doesn’t?
My hands, like rope tying over my cracking neck  Whispers and murmurs
Poetry, poetry, poetry. You are far different from a tale. You are the only thing stopping me from telling this world "Farewell". Although I typically talk to very few,  you my friend, have made me anew.
I have this horrible tendency to love people Whose ankles are half-sunken in quicksand Beneath the weight of their minds   You have a beautiful mind
my breath runs exit sign teeth door lips quick as the realization swiftly mugged me of my tranquility   i can feel
I saw the stars for the first time in a while.    Was it you shining down on me?   I've never seen them  so clearly in this sad and busy city.  
Do you know? I don't. Someone has to. Not me though! I don't know. Maybe you do, Can you tell me? I've been trying to understand, But I haven't figured it out yet. If you know,
I'm sure I dream every night, I'm sure I dream every day. I'm sure my dreams are not right, I'm sure they'll never be okay.   I'm dreaming right now! Of a paradise, miles high,
Dear YXU,   It has been a while! How ya been, ya schmuck? I’m busting down your doorway and my blood pressure’s up There’s a small stream of spit Trailing form the rabid corner of my mouth
Dear Depression: Remember me? We used to be close, but now I am free. Those nights I spent fighting for control, at first broke me down, but now I am whole.
Dear Rose, I wonder who you will be Whether I will find you in a library Or a classroom Or online I wonder whether I will approach you then
Dear irrational insecurities, Only a parasite that thrives, a ghost Unbelieving of complements and praise
   New Home,New Faces       Past  and Present, blur together       Voices echo, All is the Same yet it has changed
There is no synonym for suicide. Drink away the pain till you see the dawn of day.Hope was just a string, but it was so thin that you couldn't see.Jack up all the drinks you took.Say goodbye to what you knew.Otherwise, you'll end up ostracized, le
dear me, there are bad days dear me, temporary happiness is happiness dear me, you control your destiny dear me,  you can change the world dear me,  you can break dear me,
a broken promisetorn sinews, feathers of painsoar, wings; let it go   healing is a fightwingspan in a duffel bag(you are forgiven)
Growing up is not a thrill There are feelings you must hide There are truths you must face There is disappointment you must deal with  You learn the world is not as rosy as you thought
Step one: High five Step two: Lock the thumbs Step three: Slide hands so they're facing each other Step four: Make a two fingered gun Step five: Bang
I feel it again,The ferocious beating of calypso drums,Coursing through my fingers,Creating foul beings.These false shadows of which have burst forth from my skin,Have created a jazz band of sin.
you sit in darkness, alone, scared, and one day a single light nothing too bright but ever so big.   it starts out as one,
I close my eyes  before I sleep Hoping that my heart will keep, Wishing that it all won't end Praying that my soul defends, Wanting more but showing less Pleeding for one last breath,
#1 Castle by the sea, Lush grass so green, Two Queens soon to be, One Princess so closed and mean, The other is beyond explanation kind, One has not been seen,
Sonia E Rodriguez Creative adaptation Sonny’s blues story to poem   Nobody The blues began to play
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