The insanity of Lyssa

Spiralling Spiralling Spiralling
A one way trip but she's blocked
Left, right, up
Too much for goddess of madness to concoct
It won't go through
She can't get in
Had to bid adieu
To left, right, up
Only one option left
Spiralling Spiralling Spiralling.

Pounding Pounding Pounding
The walls rapidly closing in
Pushing but not a budge
Not a sound. Nothing akin.
Frenzied yet nothing
Empty abyss of emptiness
She's trapped
Darkness plenteous
Pounding Pounding Pounding.

Anguish Anguish Anguish
Her light of mind diminished
Got away while it could
Hope had become skittish
Getting away from her
She can't catch it
It ran away
Now nothing to be lit
Anguish Anguish Anguish.

Madness Madness Madness
It's all she has left
Rabies rage fury
The smile on her face unkempt
Oh the joy she feels now
Freedom prevalent
To mind she does not bow
Madness Madness Madness.

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My family
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