Don't Tell Me I'm Not Fat

I don’t take in food 

But you don’t expect it from me 

Not underweight or obese 

You tell me I’m not fat 

Deep down, I already know that


I don’t take in people 

But you think that’s another problem

Not that it's my disease

You only knew it as starving 

Deep down, you imagine countable ribs protruding 


I don’t take in opportunities

But these are still one issue 

Not one I can ever truly describe 

You only understand if you experience it 

Deep down, aren’t you happy to be confused?


I can’t take in anything 

And I want to change that 

Not that there’s a quick way to 

You know my brain is physically wrong right

Deep down, I think I’m worthless


I didn’t start overnight 

And I wish hindsight hit sooner sometimes

Not that I wish to change my journey or self 

You know I just want to feel better

Deep down, I’m scared my effort is in vain 


I am not to blame here

And it's not all the image in the mirror 

Not the number the scale displays

Mental disease doesn’t always look how you expect

Deep down, you’ve stereotyped every last one 


Deep down, I just want someone to see it as normal

You could just give me some compassion 

Not pity from your podium, 

But a mind free of judgement 

I just want to be okay 


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