Little Dreamer

Oh, little dreamer,

Your eyes full of stars 

And heart of wishes


While you rest

Do the constellations

Act out your wildest imaginations


Pure wishes of tenderness and warmth

Of trust and love

From the arms of strangers


Little dreamer,

Is it something you lack?

Are your stars not enough?


When you see the others, do the stars spill from your eyes with your tears?

Is there something more than your galaxy?

Do they have stars brighter than yours


Under the moonlight, do you escape to worlds only you know?

How is the sky there? 

Is it just like yours?


Little dreamer,

Are you alone at the edge of your universe?

Do you sit on that edge and think, ‘What is my worth?’


From your dreams, can you hear

The voices that cherish you

Or those that hold you dear?


How they sing of love,

Of loving you 

And all that you are


Little dreamer,

When you sleep 

Do you see all that they are?


Do you think the fabrications of your imagination that,

If they were real that 

They’d love you the same?


Do you think you need someone to love you

Someone to give you the desires of their heart?

A significant other, someone to take your stars, wishes, and smother


Oh, little dreamer,

The love you seek is the one you already own

You love yourself and that’s all you need to know


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