you sit in darkness,



and one day a single light

nothing too bright

but ever so big.


it starts out as one,

then two,

and three,

maybe even four,

until your hand appears in tiny dots before you.


 at first you jump,

unsure of the new brilliance.

then you stare,

allowing the piercing rays to blind you.

after that,



because that's just the way it is. 


there's no reason to move,

there's no reason to change,

and yet it pulls,

as if an invisible force is dragging you.

still you sit. 

in fact, you fight, fight to remain the same,

and as time wears a little piece 

it begins to fade,

fade from existence

because while you struggle to just sit

everything else breaks.


first your feet,

so you can no longer run for help.

then your ears,

so no one can change your mind.

as it continues to burn from the inside out

only the hands and mind remain.

your heart, now a block of ice encrusted rock,

but you still have your hands because you need to push away...

and your mind...

well it's not your own anymore.


still you sit.

with each passing moment another piece fades away

until there's nothing left,

almost nothing.

you see nothing can truly dissapear;

the soul may leave to go to another place

but a body remains,

as it always will.

so while you might will yourself into oblivion

a rope will forever dangle in front,

even if you physically depart.

but i bet that while you're still here

someone is holding onto the other end of that rope...


despite the effort, you are not alone;

because there's always a light in the darkness,

waiting to pull you out.


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