You Have A Beautiful Mind

I have this horrible tendency to love people

Whose ankles are half-sunken in quicksand

Beneath the weight of their minds


You have a beautiful mind

It illuminates every scar in your smile

With gravitational waves and ghost particles

Laughing at the impossibility of this universe

And the intricate dancing of numerals

Across your beautiful mind


You have a terrifying mind

Beating your skull with black shadows

Caved into the fetal position

Vibrating against that closet

I knelt next to you and could not resist

The temptation to open my palms

To your terrifying mind


You have an exhilarating mind

Abandoning boundaries between physics and metaphysics

Ricochets through the Hadron Collider

Spirals through angelic incense

To spar with Aquinas and Einstein

All the while holding a taunt in your smile

The glee in your exhilarating mind


You have a mutilated mind

Abused, tormented, beaten black

A corpse gasping for one last swallow

Inclining its bloody mouth skyward

Innocent pity overwhelmed me, compelled me

To cradle you in that closet

To kiss wounds that screamed for surgery

To pour love, too little, too late

Into your mutilated mind


I have this horrible tendency to love people

Whose lungs are encircled, gasping for air

Crushed by the weight of their minds.


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