I wake up to another day,

A smile on my face, the pain locked deep inside,

Where I know that it is safe,

I see everyone around me,

They all look so happy,

I'm trapped inside my head,

Just wondering when I'll make it end,

When I'll end this pain.

One way or another,

It'll go away, and I pray to God,

Don't let it be today,


Don't let it be today.

This emptiness inside,

This poison in my brain.

What is my life?

Do I know anything but pain?

Can I know anything at all?

Caught in a whirlwind,


Tossed away.

My Heart keep screaming my name,

But I've gone deaf to It's cries,

I can't even see,

What's wrong with me?

Why can't I even breathe?

Why do I still scream out your name?

I must seem insane,

But you just run away,

Run from my dreams.

Why must I try, when I'll never even know why I fight?

Fighting through these chains,

But I fall down,

Dragged back on my hand and knees.

Never to be free.

Why must I save myself?

What's there for the taking?

There's nothing left but a shell,

Hollow and aching,

I will never be whole.

You ask if I'm okay.

I'll never be okay.

I tell you I'm insane,

But you just run away.

Why do you run away?

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Hannah Spier


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