Sonia E Rodriguez

Creative adaptation

Sonny’s blues story to poem



The blues began to play

I was in no mood today

I had a bad day

was gonna dip but the rhythm made me stay.



This music’s tight

“He and his boys up there keeping it new”

It’s like the music knew

What I was going through

That beat made a breakthrough.


Touched me, even though all the instruments were playing different things

Looking at them play those strings.

“At the risk of ruin”

The sweet sound flew in

Causing “Destruction”

Like murders, devastation causing obstruction

This crazy life not letting me function.


This music making me remember it all

When all i'm tryin to forget it all- building me a wall.

All this “Madness”

All I see is blackness

Hurt and pain causing sadness.


Trying to act tough

But only getting handcuffed.

No time to focus

Because people do you bogus.

Do or die

Making us seem like the bad guy.


From the hood

There might not be a tomorrow, no adulthood.

“And death”

The music so numbing like meth

Trying to caught my breath,


It’s necessary, even though it’s scary.

“In order to find new ways to make us listen”

The music must speak about our life; will it be prison?

Addiction? Religion? Tradition?

 Better make a decision

Fronting acting like your hunting


In reality you're nothing.


“For, while the tale of how we suffer”

It only gets rough-er

Especially for a brother

Trying to get out

Chasing that dream, yeah that’s a hard route.


Feels like there is no hope

Trying to find ways to cope

It’s me and my crew-

Vs the world view.


“And how we are delighted”

Just to make it one more night

Using all my might to Fight

Day by day

But all we can do is pray.


“And how we may triumph is never new”

People don’t understand what we are put through

I look around and see everyone is blue


“It always must be heard”

You’re either a nerd

And get out or you die unheard.


“There isn't any other tale to tell”

There is no other option but to rebel

It ain't easy, it’s hell

“It’s the only light we've got in all this darkness.”

People wonder how we can be so heartless

We not- we just forgotten, artless.


Work cited

Baldwin, James. “Sonny’s Blues.” The Norton Introduction to Literature: Portable Tenth

Edition. Ed. Alison Booth and Kelly J. Mays. New York: W.W. Norton & Company,

2011. 75-101. Print.

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this is so good!!

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