I Am Lost

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 08:02 -- Yasmin_

My hands, like rope

tying over my cracking neck 

Whispers and murmurs

drowning me live waves

and peaceful stood the shore 

just inches from my body

slowly slipping away. 

Tide gently drowning each grain of sand,

each pebble, each shell, along with me. 

Me, whose body too heavy to float

but too light to drown.

Me, whose limbs treaded water for decades

they forgot how to stand. 

Me, whose mind filled with sharks and whales

blocking me from progression. 

She, who is no one in this ocean of people. 

Her mind is a mess of maps and memories

blisters and bruises 

scars of joy and rivers of misery

all blocked by colossal mountains

and a wave - an ocean

suffocating her with every breath of salt;

burning throat and fiery eyes.

I am no one. 

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