Elijah Cummings

Elijah Cummings was a politician and I'm speaking honestly;

He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Maryland's 7th congressional district, as you can see.


Cummings was a member of the Democratic Party as well;

Here are more things about Cummings that I'll tell.


He led the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, which is true;

Becoming a Democrat was a stupid ass thing Cummings would do.


Instead of worrying about President Trump, Cummings should've ended the corruption in Baltimore;

Since he didn't, then that made Cummings an asshole and a whore.


On October 17, 2019, Elijah Cummings had passed away;

Since he was a corrupt politician, he's forever burning in hell and that's all I have to say.


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