The supervillain named Hydro-Man is gonna kill President Donald Trump's fans and I'll tell you why;

The liberals have hired Hydro-Man to do that and that's no lie.


When Peter Parker finds out what Hydro-Man is gonna do, he changes into Spider-Man;

Spidey swings through the air, using his spider-sense to find the villain as fast as he can.


When Spider-Man finds Hydro-Man and the villain sees the hero, he tries to attack Spidey immediately;

Hydro-Man is also a street fighter and always will be.


Spidey avoids being attacked by Hydro-Man, which is true;

Using chlorine to make Hydro-Man sick is what Spidey would do.


When Hydro-Man is defeated, he tells Spidey that he was hired by some liberals to kill the fans of President Trump;

The liberals are jerks and chumps.


When Spider-Man finds the liberals and they see him, the liberals pull out their guns so they can shoot and kill the hero;

Here are more things that you should know.


Spider-Man avoids being shot, spins some webs on the guns, and snatches them away from the fools;

Spider-Man also webs up the liberals, which is cool.


When Hydro-Man and the liberals are being arrested, Spider-Man swings away;

President Trump's fans are safe and that's all I have to say.


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