The Powers of The Shazam Family

The supervillain named Captain Nazi is terrorizing the fans of President Donald Trump;

Captain Nazi is a jerk and a chump.


When Billy Batson and his foster siblings find out what Captain Nazi is doing, they plan to stop the fool;

Billy, Mary, Freddy, Eugene, Pedro, and Darla say "Shazam!" and morph into the Shazam family, which is cool.


The Shazam family fly and search for Captain Nazi, as you can see;

The Shazam family is marvelous and always will be.


When the heroes find Captain Nazi and the villain sees them, Captain Nazi flies towards Eugene;

Eugene Shazam avoids being attacked by Captain Nazi by electrocuting the villain, who's really mean.


Before Captain Nazi falls to the ground, Darla Shazam immediately attacks the villain with a lot of fast kicks;

Captain Nazi is also a prick.


Pedro Shazam grabs Captain Nazi and throws him to the ground, which is great;

Captain Nazi is somebody who President Trump's fans really hate.


When Captain Nazi is lying face down on the ground, Freddy Shazam punches the villain in the back of his head;

President Trump's fans are no longer in dread.


When Freddy picks up Captain Nazi, Billy Shazam punches the villain in his stomach and in his face;

Captain Nazi is a disgrace.


Mary Shazam punches Captain Nazi as well;

Here are other things that I'll tell.


When Captain Nazi is defeated by the powers of the Shazam family, the heroes call the police, which is smart;

Captain Nazi has sin in his heart.


President Trump's fans thank the Shazam family and here's something else that I'll say;

When the police arrive to arrest Captain Nazi, the heroes fly away.


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