The Defenders Battle The Super Feminists

A supervillain team called the Super Feminists are attacking the fans of President Donald Trump;

The Super Feminists are bitches and chumps.


When the Defenders find out what the Super Feminists are doing, they search for the evil fools;

The Defenders are always cool.


When the Defenders find the Super Feminists and the villains see them, the evil whores try to attack the heroes;

Here are other things that you should know.


The Hulk delivers a thunderclap to injure the Super Feminists;

The villains are injured and are really pissed.


Dr. Strange uses his martial art techniques to injure the freaks too;

Shooting the Super Feminists with bolts of cosmic energy is what the Silver Surfer would do.


Namor the Sub-Mariner beats the shit out of the Super Feminists, which is awesome as can be;

The Super Feminists are seriously injured and I'm speaking truthfully.


The injured Donald Trump fans are watching the Defenders battle the Super Feminists and beat the skanks, which is great;

The Super Feminists are who the Donald Trump fans really hate.


When the Super Feminists are beaten, the Silver Surfer heals the Donald Trump fans;

The Super Feminists are pieces of garbage who belong in a garbage can.


When the police arrive to arrest the Super Feminists, the Defenders go away;

The Defenders have saved the day.


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