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When alive  we say so much than thriven trillion words  When our eyes are at their last blink We say a moment of words.  
23: that’s how many days it took to stop thinking about you every time I woke up. It’s how many times I sat alone with hurt in my eyes this year alone.
Numbers, express, fractions, percents the fear with my hands being sweaty. Teacher asks, " Deloria what is the answer"? Of course, I freeze all I can think is zero.
Can't we just accept that life, like math, possesses imaginary and irrational numbers?   ~awatr
She loved numbers the way I loved her hair, messy and unkempt.   ~awatr
2 plus 2 equals 4, 6 plus 4 equals 10, 9 minus negative 4… Wait, you’re a negative? Negatives don’t belong here! We’re the real numbers, which means one, two, three, four, five through infinity
Another black man is killed Another trans kid commits suicide Another woman is sexually harassed Aren't we just statistics In the sadistic game of life?
Dear Numbers, You represent that which words can easily explain.   You represent something lonely and lost.    You are solitary objects that only result in a continual pattern of more numbers to be defined. 
123 binds me I wish they would set me free. I simply want to be.   
Just a number in your book Another jot another check Adding up the scores of all the girls you've slept with. Treated like an object, just your little play toy.
When we are born, we have a number. The hospital number, our social security number, and the date of when we´re born. As we get older, our age chanes. Numbers constantly change,
We are the numbers you love so much The starting point is 14 3 tries it took to get it right But we are more than just the mean  
NUMBERS   Dedicated to the people around the world who I really want to help. …but I can’t quite just yet.  
Zero. The age when life is simple. Life in the moment, past and present, absent. Time is a concept yet to be discovered, Numbers possess no value. Smiles and laughter fill the days,
Sleepless nights and restless day Mind in a fog, almost a daze School has got me in a craze Homework and test every week
me am i  i could never change me    odd   even if it were forced and bashed yet you, he, she, and them yet you, he, she, and them think me should change    but me  me begs to differ m is inseparable from e e is glued to m m is glued to e m is equa
The croaking of the stairs Woke me up, Told me you were awake. I bounced in your lap, All giggles and smiles As you flipped through Black and white pages.   We bet on the horses,
WE are humans WE are loving WE are forgiving  WE are judging
I am a numbers person. I am whole numbers, sometimes only fractions or percentages, and not always rational.
1, 6, 44, 18, 3, 4, 17.7, 84, 40, 97, 15   First year, first day.   She wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to be a cute, innocent girl in a cute, innocent dress who inspired
what they forget is that humans cannot be quantified or simplified  
There's a quote in the book and movie
They gave us a number And told us that it was who we were They gave us a number And it ate us whole They gave us a number
I want you to know me, But the part of me I want to show Isn’t what everyone else can see. I can’t be quantified by what I do Or who I spend my time with.   You can’t analyze me
I am 8. I go to school with a smile on my face and a set of 24 colored pencils and that is the only number that matters. I share them with Sarah and Dylan and Emily, but am positive that every last one goes back in the box.
The Mind of Matter, The Consciousness of the Cosmos,  And the Evolution of Quanta, It is within the mind that gave us our beginning, Yet it is beyond our understanding of what created this mind, The Quanta,
Presumptuous and regal thrice
The world today is abandoning values We are all simply numbers An amount, a score, a grade What categories do we fall under?   4.0? You're a great person 3.0? You're like the rest
To wonder and to create, jolts a spark in the mind of fate.
Tell me about yourself Why? Aren’t I more than pieces of paper that read certificate, honor, or recognition? I’m supposed to be proud of myself Well, I am.
The number that inspires me
One can mean many, only to few.
One, everything was all right- perfect 10-  times 9. Measureable by a letter scale,  A.   Two, I recall you but not what you said one and one? The scale is getting heavy and dark like
Don’t try to tell me I am not a number Second born First daughter Number 17 on the little league soccer team Fourth in rank in my classes
numbers don’t talk,
 numbers don’t laugh; 
they don’t breath, or even have a heart, 
Everyday it goes like clockwork through school and back, just to do homework. And I sit in your class with each passing minute, Dreading each lecture where I must silently sit.
I want an A in this class (before registeration) Im going to earn an A (first day of the semester) Im going to get an A (during midterms) I deserve an A (check grades after finals B)
i am not a single letter. i am not a number. so why do you assign me these things that constitue my "success"? i am more than one letter in a report card. i am more than a number in the class rank.
Everyone is a number. You are given a grade, a percent, and a level. Who you are does not matter because in the classroom, a number is all that defines you Are you 100? Or are you 50?
I am not a number, I will not conform to a game. I am not a test,  I will not feel the shame. I will make you know my name.    You aren't my friend You haven't even tried. 
I am still trying to figure out how I am special When I am seen by a number that I get on a test Like hey, you're 97% percent better than the rest But there's still the 3% who win  And here I am
A day spent in torment,  A witch with an infernal love of torture, A job to educate, yet she fails. Why doesn't she see, That we struggle to find the solution, That this is the epitome of masochism.
I say One. You say Fun. I say Two. You say "Who?" I say Three. You say Me. I say Four. You ask for More. I say Five. You just Jive. I say Six. You make Clicks.
  I write because society demands numbers define people. I write because people are constantly defined by numbers. I write because we are all defined by numbers.  
One, two, three, four, five, / A child's delight so simple, / Green and growing, she.
10+11 are the days I should stay home Your mother called. She asked me what you want for dinner, chicken or spaghetti? How can I be special at home?
36-24-36 Perfect.
One, two, three Step on me four, five, six Grab some sticks seven, eight, nine Now you're mine ten, eleven, twelve See you all in hell.
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