Thirty Two

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 09:12 -- efink96


Thirty-Two looked down

At the others

Head held high

Looked down at the Twenties

Oh, the Twenties

It was as if they didn’t

Care whether they lived or died

Ha! Thirty-Two scoffed

He was above all of that

On a gleaming pedestal

of clear white marble

Pure as can be

Everything was right


Thirty-Two looked up

At those who stood above him

Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four

How did they do it?

He was teetering on the brink

Of his shiny pedestal

While they sat back

Basking in the radiant light

Not worrying about a thing

They were inches closer

One step closer to the rest of their lives

Having a perfect life


Thirty-Two looked back

At the masses of Twenties

That resided below him

And noticed something strange

There they were

Twenties, nonetheless

With smiles on their faces

They moved about their realm

With confidence and ease

Could it be?

Could the lowly Twenties

Actually be happy?

Even in their current state

Of subjugation?


Thirty-Two looked behind

Back at Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four

And glimpsed a few unhappy faces

But how?

How could they frown

When they had so much to live for?

They had a gleaming white pedestal!

What could be the problem?

Surely because of their standing

They had no reason

Not a single valid reason

To be crying as they were

He didn’t understand


Thirty-Two looked around

At the Twenties

At Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four

And realized something

“We are all the same,” he thought

We all look the same

We all act the same

We all dream the same

Why am I up here

When the Twenties are down there

and Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four are up there?

Does it really matter?

Why does this determine

Who we are?

What our lives are?

It’s really unfair…


Thirty-Two looked ahead

Lives could be great

For Twenties

Even the Lower Twenties

They could find a place

Make it their own

Share it with loved ones

Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four

Might end up being jealous

Of the mere Twenty

Who got everything they wanted

Even without a shiny pedestal

Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four

Are being deluded

It’s a number, not a lifetime


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