Just a number in your book

Another jot another check

Adding up the scores of all the girls you've slept with.

Treated like an object, just your little play toy.

She never meant anything to you it was all just a ploy.

Go brag to your friends about how you got another.

But she has feelings too she's more than some one-night stand lover.

I hate your sweet lies and your soft caress.

You sicken me the way you get them to undress.

Are you so heartless that you can't look in their eyes?

That you can't see how much they care, no their bodies are the prize.

I hope it pleases you in the end though.

When you are left with nothing but your aging body and your withering bones.

I hope it pleases you that you got them all.

Because in the end you'll be alone and you caused your own downfall.

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