One Less To Fly



The summer breeze blows,

Giving way to the gusty autumn wind.

It’s fall.


My voice fades. 

Not heard anymore, 

Clamored over with one voice that shines above all,

The one voice that matters, 

Power that I will not have.


Same life, same thing, 


Assignments and tests.

Numerical values, not my name.



Honor roll.

Don’t mention

The blood flowing through my veins,

Now it’s only my grade

Posted on the wall.



It is not about what a monotonous textbook states,

The exact words, the details -

It is within me,

An enlightenment that I was searching for.

Yet, here I am



My voice has been subdued, 

Like a light flickering in the dark,

Eventually dimming,

Then becoming a shadow.
It cannot be heard over what is said, 

What is required.


I fear averages and percents and the knowledge gained

Define me

Who I am as a person,

Not only a student


So judge me, once again

As numbers determine goals.

Determine me. 


My so called second home,

Is not somewhere that I am free.

The one place that was supposed to make me fly, 

Has now caged me.


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