Dedicated to the people around the world who I really want to help.

…but I can’t quite just yet.


7 billion, 496 million, 742 thousand, 651…two, three…people inhabit this earth at this moment.

That’s 7 billion, 496 million, 742 thousand, 654…five, six…people who aren’t you.

Who long for the warmth of compassion.

But this cold shadow of aversion follows you and obscures the torment that people around the world endures.

That the person sitting right next to you suffers.


People? Noun. Human beings without special rank or position in society.

We are social creatures who emphasize the importance of intrapersonal intelligence

While we ignore the interpersonal connections that tie us all together.


We the People on this planet Earth, in Order to form a more false Utopia,

Establish Judgement, insure international distress,

Provide for only our selfish needs, promote the supremacy of Self

And secure the pandemonium of life to ourselves and our Posterity…

Do ordain and establish this Constitution for the World.


Home of the Brave, Land of the Free.

Yet we cower behind these excuses and trap ourselves by our own restraints.

We are in such a state of mindlessness that we have forgotten how to be mindful to those round us.


And so, there are 43 quintillion, 252 quadrillion, 3 trillion, 274 billion, 489 million, 856 thousand ways to solve a Rubik’s cube.

That's over forty-three quintillion different combinations to twist and turn until all these distinct hues blend together

And get lost in corners and stuck in the middle but always manage to align perfectly straight and solved

When all is said, and done. So why is it that we can't find even one way to solve the world's problems? ​


A six-sided, multicolored, three-dimensional structure constructed together to

Perplex the human population into becoming fixated on this little contraption.

Drowning in the green that drives the guide to greed and expedites our debt

And washing out our blue skies and seas with the pollution of our self-pride,

We fixate ourselves on the red on our hands and scramble to fight more wars

To validate our self-worth; but what happened to waving white flags of peace

And surrendering to the changes in season and letting ourselves fall like the

Orange leaves in autumn, harvesting the determination of camaraderie?

​Like the sun is shining a luminous yellow upon our earth, the warmth of

Compassion thaws us from the cold bitterness that society has thrown itself into.

And we forget, sometimes, that making others forget their misfortunes help

Lessen the weight of our own affliction. It strengthens our own contentment.


3 point 14 15 926 53 58 97 93 23 84 62 64 33... . We limit ourselves by these numbers

That the human race constructed forgetting actions can’t be quantified by insignificant statistics.

We believe in graphs and charts on the status of our altruistic contributions that we selfishly provide to ease our own discomfort.

But if only we could instead, multiply amity by the wide radius of people who could relieve the chaos

By outstretched fingers towards those who cry and try to vocalize their need for alleviation from the reign of absolute agitation.


But our irrational fears repress our ability to focus on the reality of humanity.

We believe finding pennies bestow us good luck but breaking mirrors cause seven years of bad fortune.

We knock on wood to avoid repercussions then cross our fingers in moments of trepidation.

But what about those who live in fear of growling, unfilled stomachs or being consumed by deadly diseases?

Those in pain from the crack of heavy hands across their faces and cowering underneath the iron fist of government

As they hope and pray to avoid becoming a simple causality of warfare that we bring to them.

We all bleed and we all die. But what will you leave behind?

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