not a real number, a real number

2 plus 2 equals 4, 6 plus 4 equals 10, 9 minus negative 4… Wait, you’re a negative? Negatives don’t belong here!
We’re the real numbers, which means one, two, three, four, five through infinity
And nowhere in infinity is there a negative, so go back to where you came from
What, you thought you could hang with us, subtract with us, equal with us?
Please, not even zero would want to be in a problem with you
See, your kind is what we like to call the reject numbers
You’re the last equation on the paper… the hate of them all
And I feel sorry for the formula that made you; you’re not special
You’re a non number, you may as well subtract… All of you
Face it, you can divide, factor or cross multiply and somehow, miraculously become a real number
But we will always know that deep down, you’re just another negative
But most of all, your not a real number

To the numbers who call themselves real:

9 minus negative 4 equals 5. I am a negative number, meaning I don’t need to fit on your number chart
And where I’m from, infinity runs through me as much as around through you
And my friends don’t need to be on your number chart because they're i and Z and have no time to discriminate you and me
I am the last equation on the paper because the best deserves to be saved last
So please don’t try to soil my good name just because I’m the problem everyone thinks I’m the most
And face it, you can divide, factor or cross-multiply and somehow, miraculously turn into a non number
But you would never truly be a Negative Number

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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