Thu, 12/12/2013 - 23:16 -- sm1groh


Everyday it goes like clockwork

through school and back, just to do homework.

And I sit in your class with each passing minute,

Dreading each lecture where I must silently sit.

This place here, where I'm a statistic,

and your understanding of me is quite simplistic!

A GPA, an ACT.

Suffice to say, aren't all me.

I try to do the best that I can,

but in school I'm part of this clan,

of numbers and statistics, 

where expectations are far from realistic.

I'm stuck here in a conformist joint,

of brick walls and ceiling tiles,

where I must participate in many trials

and tests of memory.

Apparently that's all I'm worth, don't you see?

Facts and statistics,

numbers and grades,

that's all people are these days.

Spouting off info upon command

when testing time is on hand.

To our masters who key in codes,

and make us carry terrible loads.

Becasue everyday it goes like clockwork,

through school and back just to do homework.





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