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Drop down 3 sizes,
Grow out 2
Our minds and bodies modeled after number after number after number
Wishing I could be a 36-24-36
Knowing that I'll never get there in a million years without a little help of
scalpels and silicon injections
This world is not designed around
5'2'' 's, size 6's, 34B's, dark-skinned, long torsos, big thighs, and acne-ridden girls
This world is designed around
5'6'' 's, size 4's and 0's, 36C's, light-skinned, long legs, skinny thighs, and beautiful faces

But damn.
Look at that tight ass,
big breasts,
tiny waist solely for penetrable observation and cat calls
Can't even feel pretty in a short skirt, short shirt, thong-loose,
cock bruised from blue balls without getting looked at
Because dark colors make me look slimmer and white makes me look fat
so fuck the priest when he told you you looked beautiful at the altar

So oblivious to Big Sister who seems to watch me way more than Big Brother or Dr. Eckelberg
Always telling me what to wear, how to wear it,
but never why

Your eyes too small
Lashes too thin
Face too dark
Eyebrows too crooked
Smile not wide enough
Your hips way too credible for child-bearing
Your ass too flat
Feet not tiny enough so bind them - choke them
Lift your cheeks - push them up
Laser your lids - trim them
Cut off your circulation for skinnier legs
Not enough white on your face
Not enough blue on your eyes
Not enough red on both your lips

Skinny bitches on the cover of magazines don't deserve even 2 seconds of my attention
Plus-sized bitches only there to mock me
Since when did it come down to big rainbow eyes, plump lips, size 0's and cleavage?
When did physical assets turn into sexual commodities,
stimulation for the economy,
a plunge into vanity - sanity!
We've lost it.
We're all mad.
We all accept it.
But that's just how the world works right?




wow im crying

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