No Students Allowed


Faculty only, no students allowed.

I occupy the space between the ceiling, floor and walls,

With the grey smudges from peoples sneakers,

Just waiting to be scuffed away

By a janitor when the halls are empty.

Absolutely no food or drinks allowed.

They are afraid of the mess we could make,

And the damage we could do.

Absolutely no students allowed.

A sign above reading "Fine Arts Department."

Another, "Math Department."

Where is my name? Where do I belong?

Locker number 581.

Gpa: 3.3291

Where am I?

Victorious ancestors line the wall,

I didn't fight their battle.

A janitor comes and clears away the grey smudges

Left by my sneakers as I walked these halls:

The only mark I ever left.

Faculty only, no students allowed.

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