Fri, 06/27/2014 - 19:06 -- V Bozz


To wonder and to create,

jolts a spark in the mind of fate.

To live and to explore,

sets no boundaries to abhor.

When the famously bright step along,

to produce a mathematical song,

one envies the beauty of simplicity,

the essence of its ingenuity.

Captivates the attention of all,

the calculation of a spherical ball.

Even to Coulomb and Einstein,

does one song sound ever so fine.

The infinity of its elegant notes,

and the prominence it holds,

plays the melody of our physical lives,

with which our thirsting need for knowledge thrives.

It is not a secret that flies high,

but a priceless achievement that will never die;

For the truth will be spoken,

It is the wonder of π.


V Bozz

I submitted this poem for the Speak Your Mind Scholarship, but I can't find it on "browse poems." Did I submit it?

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