Who are you really?

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 17:13 -- jg11809


Everyone is a number.

You are given a grade, a percent, and a level.

Who you are does not matter because in the classroom, a number is all that defines you

Are you 100? Or are you 50?

Regardless of how much you learn, it all comes down to a test or a project or an essay.

There is no room for mistakes.

Imperfection is what makes us human.  It is what our humanity is based on.

Imperfection is what should define us.

 How our imperfections make us unique should be important.

No one is perfect!

And yet perfection is required to “succeed”

To reach the goal of a High School, you must become a number.

You must embrace your number, because it is who you are, and it is what you have.

Are you 100? Or are you 50?

Everyone is a number.


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