I am still trying to figure out how I am special

When I am seen by a number that I get on a test

Like hey, you're 97% percent better than the rest

But there's still the 3% who win 

And here I am

Feeling like I have a high enough score

But there's still thousands of students

The colleges want more 

And I'm sick of the ways

That we are judged

When did they start checking the numbers

Instead of checking all the great things a person has done 

And these days I have the urge to cheat on tests

Because I stopped caring so much about the learning

When I realized what GPA's meant


And I think about the value of life

When the system is tearing these kids down

Because working in the factory

Used to be an honor in this town

But now it's who's kid is the doctor 

Who's kid is the nurse

How much money you make 

Determines who's first

And all the now middle class, once average students

Get what they deserve 

When they were told to forget their dreams

And prioritize school first


Someone has to work at the factory

Someone has to come in last place

And I've been fighting since elementary school

To win the playground race 

And I'm still determined

But now, I think what does it all mean?

Because I thoroughly believe

That everyone is important

And everyone deserves dreams


So forget rejection letters

If they don't want me

I don't want them

I've done what I loved all my life 

And I've almost always done my best

And if they think I'm not the right fit

Because I got some Bs in school 

I don't care about them

Because their value of success

Is skewed



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