Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:19 -- Aevha

The Mind of Matter,

The Consciousness of the Cosmos, 

And the Evolution of Quanta,

It is within the mind that gave us our beginning,

Yet it is beyond our understanding of what created this mind,

The Quanta,

The Cosmos,

The terminology of Space Time collide to give us what?

A diffinitive answer that we cannot pursue,

An answer that we cannot even begin to percieve?

No, the methods that we have come to discover,

And the motions that we have decided to pursue are all for the comfort of our minds,

We chase answers, in order to prove what we conceive as reality as truth,

In order to keep this skin that we refuse to shed safe and maintained we search for answers within our society,

We search and search for an unachievable goal,

And of course this act of insanity will continue indefinitely until we have no strength to lie to ourselves,


The Mind of Matter,

What is our place among the Quanta and the Cosmos?

What is your differential equation for the supposed human mind, heart, and soul?


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