f(x) = Love

We are the numbers you love so much

The starting point is 14

3 tries it took to get it right

But we are more than just the mean


Zero fights, countless laughs

In the roughly 426 days we’ve been together

Your phone number my most contacted

No burdens, we are light as a (0.00125 lbs) feather


26 letters in the alphabet

Always there, 100%

3 words, daily reminder

360° of trust always present


Our growth isn’t always linear

But it is always as positive as you

When we have a problem, talking is our solution

You wanted me to make this line about a cashew


In the Order of Operations

Your arms are the parentheses

No Division ever present

Let’s skip the subtraction too, please


I used to be just a lonely prime

But you decided to change my mind

Now I’m a composite number

Because two hearts aligned


At first I thought you were i

Irrational and imaginary

But now I realize you are more

You made math not scary




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