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Every morning birds sing sweetly on inverted beds Within mortal frames mornings are for coffee and contemplation 
Do not tell me the word elixir has not breezed you  Dew of springs bridge itch for wet encounters 
What makes a joke If not the laughter? What is a dream If not what we are chasing after?   What do the stars hold So closely to their heart? Why does the painter paint If not to make art?
Oh look something new. Something I never knew. Isn’t it wonderful to learn, To discover the unknown. How fascinating to broaden one’s horizons.
Upon the shores she stood, Eyes searching the deep sea And landing on a piece of driftwood That bobbed where she thought dear uncle may be  
The evergreen is divine.  A breeze shifts the sturdy underbrush, aromas lift from their spines.  Colors vibrant and bold. The suns rays bounce off their hues   refelcting their youth. 
Alone, I traverse the sky. I have left my home beind, the place of my birth. I possess a power which no mere mortal cannot. And with this power comes my duties, my responsibilities.
Am I ok I might be But then maybe not I want to be Okay? Ok I guess I say yes But am I
O time, you bittersweet rival. An elusive assassin of life, wanderer without death. A beginning that cannot bee conceived, An existence best considered imaginary. Of you I have mine own,
At times I become a soap bubble A thin film swelled round with purpose With need   I develop a sort of intellectual wanderlust An itch under my skin
How did this come to be? Like the bird that forgets to fly, I am grounded, without purpose. I shout below, why? To know again,
What incites the rise from my rest? What keeps the beating beneath my chest? What brings me home like bird to nest And takes me beyond mountain's crest?
picture this: a question lounging, tickling the skin beneath your nose teasing you away before you even get a chance to blink. fingers intertwined - yes it has fingers now - and
I sat in my bath and wondered about how sad is the woman who has never taken a hot bubble bath late at night and has never caught herself dozing off to the aroma of lavender?
I sat myself down and Talked around The points Like usual.   Suddenly I burst from My seat and I  Collapsed in a heap As the inferno of complexity  
Education, noun. The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction Usually in a school or university, according to the oxford dictionary. So why has it turned us to mindless obstruction
Is it the way the breeze feels on the skin On a hot day, when you just feel it within Is it a child's smile? So innocent and Undeniable Or is it something unmeasurable? Something that's naked and unable.
What is seen is valuble, what is unseen is priceless, for what is seen, will be unseen soon, but what is unseen, was never seen to begin with, just felt. Such is the nature of curiosity.
I never took those pills, popping one after another like candy. I didn’t dig deeper, deeper into the layers of skin—just trying to feel. I never left home; we never grew apart.
my eyes stretch the horizon... the cigarette burns quicker as I drag the smoke deeper in my lungs   I ponder the events of this week my wanderings, where are you?
My name is curiosity Hope is my cousin, and fear is my mother
I begin to drown in an ocean of blue, only to realize I've forgotten my life jacket. These eyes, they take me without invitation. I'm sucked into a whirlpool that leads to an endless gaze.
Ideas come and go, Gliding to and fro. Some melt away like dying snow. Others grow, To become things all will know. Some lead us to strange places, To cramped, wondrous spaces
Ah how did I get here? My curiosity has awakened. I don’t have many qualities, But don’t shed a tear. For I love myself, I have never-ending curiosity, And I always fulfill it without any fear.
The world seems so small from inside here; The horizon stretches beyond what I see as clear. These bars hold me back and keep me in. Will I ever get out and say that I am living?  
Poetry is
Bewildered by your smile Ready to fall at any time Opened up and let you in Kept you sheltered from the storm. Everything came to a stop
Skin is splotchy from lack of nutrition Dark crevices beneath my eyes from restless nights Hands shacking from loss of stability Eyes sparkless due to a runaway soul Mind caged no longer able to feel
The hurt, the agony, the pain, the betrayal, the lies, the broken promises, the assumptions, the hatred, the run arounds, the tears, the wounds, the scars, the dark, the pain, those dangerous thoughts, the nights alone, the days of torment, the
Heartbreak is something I cannot take. I fly just to fall, Crashing and burning. I've smiled this smile for to long, I'm starting to believe somethings truly wrong. Your love was a lie
I hate everything you said to me,                                                   
I ride with the waves
I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face
She was our mother,
I wonder if any one walks by me, Perhaps in school, or on the street. And maybe think.. Hey she's cute. Or damn check her out. I wonder if people see me.. in the gas station, or at the park
In a Sea full of Throrns            She's the Beautiful,                                     Strong,                                             Delicate                                                      Flower
Snow White, Snow White, Red as Blood.   Your colourless heart  is not so pure. Tainted with unfamiliar emotion. But is it truly your fault?   Who can blame you,
Mother, if you haven't noticed I'm continuing a fight i don't know if u heard but i still cry at night. Its the monsters an demons who live inside of me sometimes you try but still find it hard to see.
As I have gotten older, school has become less and  less
" a times we find ourselves looking for time in ourselves ,
How I would love to love a scientist of curious mind and dazzled eyes which seek understanding of complexities in order to bask in their impossible beauty for they understand the statistical significance
The dark blue
You haven’t changed I wish I could keep myself away
Curiosity. My mind spinning rapidly, Prodding the unkown.
To you whom-- has my heart I seek in you, my whole desire. But she punctured you, thy dart. we speak, my love, in quiet words. with words we must not leak for she will come and tarnish you
I watch as the bird flaps her wingsPropelling herself accross a distanceShe lands on a flower, delicate and whiteBreathing in the aroma, relishing the chanceThe dove, she flies around again
What a tremendously frightening sight, I try to contain my furious might, As I look up to the stars in the night, I realize that I am nothing.   I see water cascade down the rock with mold,
Ever wonder what it’s like to stare into the eyes of someone and get lost? Like you’re in a jungle on a dark winter night? Or how about when you’re drowning, and you can’t save yourself;
Fake the appitamy of all creation It comes in all shape and forms nothing, but it has a mere cover up It is the form of family, friends Basically human kind  
Confusion.   Confusion between my legs      that goes against what God says Feeling wrong but feels so right, It sometimes disturbs my dreams at night That tingling sensation, I feel it in my core
A perfect place Known by few Sunshine and warmth The sky bright blue   The girl wandered Taking it in Smiling brightly  Curiosity within  
Perfectly set up In a long, straight row On and on forever Stood thousands of dominoes   Taunting those who passed Catching some each day Those who figured
Stumble on the veins of my fingertips  and feel the throbbing beats that lingers from my fingertips to my chest. Can you feel the sensation of the chill that staggers inside? Striving for warmth
     As a child my mother was always giving me advice Of the many molding words she spoke A particular set of them resounded the most in my mind.  
i am an eavesdropper not of conversations, but of action behavior does that make any sense? i watch people like they are on display but not in any judgmental way
 I must admit I am quite compelled,This path doesn't seem to fit me,Wondering now if I can turn around,Trying to make sense of this,Intoxicated ,Oh these stories they kill me,
He said that I was a science experiment An untouched batch of curiosity and exploration His crystallized liquid epoxy Had forgotten in his infatuation in his curiosity and in his exploration
Not every day do you see a place like this Some call it a hole, others an abyss It appears to be a gateway to Hell Those who fall into it have a story to tell  
The subtle disease Of creeping intelligence Is the glorified undoing Of a wondering mind. Up rises the curiosity With every take  Every hit As the power to control  Dominates the eyes. 
Standing on the balcony square, I watched the August moon, Its gleaming light so fair, And I knew I would be leaving             Soon…soon.
Brows, They live there with grace just over my eyes, below my forehead. And they seem to be laced much higher than  other features of my face. And I sometimes wonder
Why, why, why? Always a question, never an answer Why to do this, why to do that... It's all about the reasoning The why Why, why, why? Always running through the head Why, why, why?
Sometimes life slaps me I feel like a locked treasure with a lost key. Caged, caged, caged! A wolf caged Full of nothing but rage For me emotions scare A test... A dare Will I fail?
I'm living high on Paradise Where nobody cheats, and nobody lies I'm blessed to walk on streets of gold I'm doomed to walk these streets alone  
I saw them They gathered water And the constant turning As if she was waiting for change Like someone to rescue her Or save her from her own fear It scared me Kept me alert
Curiosity must hit hard like cinderblocks and bricks Because people constantly ask me, “What’s around your neck?” And I tell them, “A drum key. Been wearing it for years now”. And they nod and ask why.
Sleep my little girl, Drift into a spacious world. Fly with your wings above the sky, Sleep your little curious eyes. Follow your heart and let it be, 'Cause everything will be a surprise.
I had just finished my climactic battle with a cockroach this morning, When I froze to look at the sight of its body in a groove. How poor an incident I have caused, what terrors I ensued?
I am curious, and unsure. I am going on a road and I don’t know where it will go. I have castaway something that people told me to do, for something I feel I may love.
It comes upon me like a storm. A torrent of emotion In motion. A certain fear I have. The fear of ending. Not breathing, Not blinking, Not being.
It's the 'what if' that creates curiosity… It's the 'what if' that pulls you in… It's the 'what if' that stops you… It's the 'what if' that penetrates every lasting thought in your mind…
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