Those Puppy Dog Eyes


I saw them

They gathered water

And the constant turning

As if she was waiting for change

Like someone to rescue her

Or save her from her own fear

It scared me

Kept me alert

I wondered if anyone else noticed

It was such a real mystery to me

But was it reality to her?

I say that cause  this was her second strike

I knew it was just a plan

A plan we all y’s dream of

White picket fences

Red roses

Nice shutters

New cars with all leather interior

Just us not them

We all dream

Even ones like me who prefer to hide in the nearby closet

My dream may be a tad bit more altered

But still treated the same

I will always wonder

How her shoes would have fit

I need this to feel

It’s the only thing that can soften me

I’m too sturdy

Sometimes you just need to fall to feel

They can’t help it

So don’t spoil their dreams

Or turn your cheeks

It gives them hope

Just like mouse trap

I wondered though

Was it worth it?

Did she get what she wanted?

Only time will tell.



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