The Cockroach (Based on a true story)

Sun, 05/19/2013 - 17:16 -- kc9493


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I had just finished my climactic battle with a cockroach this morning,
When I froze to look at the sight of its body in a groove.
How poor an incident I have caused, what terrors I ensued?
I, the leviathan who swung with great fear at my adversary,
Had not been fully aware of his despondent destitute.

Who knows, could it have been Tom or maybe even Sarah?
Maybe it is not he, the savage who walks at night and stalks his prey,
Begging for the answers to life and the pleasures of this earth.
Maybe he is the one who travels to see the great lands,
Just to taste the magnificent delicacies from all over.

I had wished one day I could experience what real life was,
Without being a slave so I could open the gates to my cell,
But he was always free, free of any iniquities and also,
The Keeper of such altruistic tendencies which we lack.
The day man walks or crawls as this creature will certainly be a sight,
Because when I finally decided I must ask how one can have such character,
I sadly found him stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

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This is a poem based on a cockroach I killed in my bathroom one morning.

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