1 AM

You haven’t changed

I wish I could keep myself away

Curiosity was persistent

People say curiosity killed the cat

I used to think the cat died satisfied

But what if the truth wasn’t worth knowing?

People also say ignorance is bliss

I’m somewhere in the in-between

I have changed

I don’t know if it was a good change

But it happened because of you

I know that if you looked at me again

And talked of nothing in particular

You would find something different

Not the same little girl

That could be so easily manipulated

So gullible and stupid

But someone that doesn’t believe

In true love

In relationships

In an optimistic future

Because that’s what she believed in

When she was still kissing your lips

Now she believes in other things

She believes in change

She believes in goals

Even if they are hard to obtain

She believes in making a difference

While she has the chance

But most importantly

She believes in herself

Unlike you

She looks at you

See’s that you’re still depressed

See’s that you’re still unhappy

See’s that you’re putting others

Before yourself

I see that you still haven’t changed since you’ve picked her over me

And that’s just sad

It almost makes me sad

But then I remember that you deserve this

Because you chose this

You thought she would make you happy

You thought she would teach you how to love yourself

It turns out no one can 


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