Curious Eyes


United States
34° 7' 56.0892" N, 118° 12' 42.2136" W

Sleep my little girl,
Drift into a spacious world.
Fly with your wings above the sky,
Sleep your little curious eyes.
Follow your heart and let it be,
'Cause everything will be a surprise.
See those shinny stars and let your mind go far.
Close your eyes fast asleep,
And dance to a diffirent beat.
Sleep my little girl, sleep.
Close your eyes and drift away,
Feel the sun upon your face,
Your curious eyes will lead the way.
See building big and tall, maybe even somewhat small.
When you see the sun so bright,
Do you feel the warmth inside?
But would you still imagine such a happy thought,
When you grow up and see your children laughing?
Would you remember such fond memories of what you used to be?
Having fun


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