Secret Wonderland


A perfect place
Known by few
Sunshine and warmth
The sky bright blue
The girl wandered
Taking it in
Smiling brightly 
Curiosity within
There was no flaw
That she could see
She enjoyed the time
Filled with glee
Deeper and deeper 
Through the wonderland 
The curiosity consumed
More than she could stand
Time went by
She still pursued 
Something different
Something new
The light slowly
Started to fade
The comforting warmth
No longer stayed
Darker and colder
A frightening place
She looked for the sun 
But there was no trace
She tried to go back
But she was stuck
No matter what she tried
She had no luck
She was trapped
Deep in the darkness
The happiness within
Was dramatically less
Her curiosity
Dragged her too far
And no matter what
She will still have scars



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