Lost at He

I begin to drown in an ocean of blue, only to realize I've forgotten my life jacket.

These eyes, they take me without invitation.

I'm sucked into a whirlpool that leads to an endless gaze.

From the moment I'm kidnapped I begin a hypnotic rotation.

In a second the current sweeps my hold on reality and I struggle against the pull.

The ocean, I'm locked, in an unknowing fixation.


The desire to dive deeper burns quietly in my core.

I hunger to know more in my desperate starvation.

But curiosity killed the cat, I choose to ignore.

My body begins to sink, being filled from utter fascination.

I can hold my breath and take a quick look around.

My fight against the pull stops without hesitation.


I let the current take me, as I go along for the ride.

I explore the light and the dark sides, along this axis of rotation.

I'm running out of air, my well's run dry.

I can no longer breath on pure exhilaration.

I've invested too much time into my exploration.

My funds have run out, I have met my expiration.


The body I once inhabited, lost at He.

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