i am an eavesdropper

not of conversations, but of action


does that make any sense?

i watch people like they are on display

but not in any judgmental way

i have this fascination for them that i cannot quite explain

their interactions intrigue me

the humanness of it all

all of the things i get innately floating around in all that i will never understand

i see couples where ever i go

holding hands

walking close

leaning on each other with arms intertwined

hands in each other's back pockets

it makes me ache with wonder and curiosity and sadness

and i just stare and try not to appear blatant

to keep them behaving naturally while i try to take it all in and figure it all out

i see guys take off their hoodies and give them to girls regardless of the weather

it isn't about the cold. not really.

and it makes me wonder about how the rules change when people form that sort of bond

it makes me wonder about ownership, i guess.

of things, of course, not people.

there is a lot of sharing involved.

shared space, shared things, shared time, shared feelings

a slow redistribution of souls until they inhabit the same spaces simultaneously

mostly i wonder if they are happy...if anyone ever really is.

they look happy, but one can never be sure. or i can't, at least.

i hope they are.

God, i really do.



I love your writing. So vivid, I see everything. 

Your anxiety poem is trending; I followed the link and fell in love with it. 

I clicked your name and read the rest of your poems; I fell in love with your writing as well. Please don't stop, you are incredible.

Sorry for stalking you :P



wow! i am...augh. words fail me! thank you! this is...a shock to say the least. O_O


And it's still trending :D


I LOVE THIS!!! That's all I've got to say. It's incredible. I swear.

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