Path of SMoke


 I must admit I am quite compelled,
This path doesn't seem to fit me,
Wondering now if I can turn around,
Trying to make sense of this,
Intoxicated ,
Oh these stories they kill me,
with their happy endings and rich beginnings,
I thought we write our own life stories,
Someone lied,
My biggest fear Is being stuck,
In this society,
What I am to do,
So many questions, 
with 500 people on campus you'd think someone had the answer,
This rode is empty,
And I know it ,
I am just a small girl trying to Find space in this big world,
& Facing this reality is a big job , 
Even the opportunities missed,
Hold great impact on stories untold,
Understanding I have been mislead,
Taking it and killing it slowly at the source,
Then finding your way to the light,
Not being able to blend in because of the color of my skin,
With a soft echo saying, "One day I will understand"
As this path blows me in the direction of a plot I am to be put in,
Now all that is left is prayer until the end


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