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It’s easy to become addicted to love you know. The intoxicating heat and electricity snaking its way through your bones And reaching your eyes The flash of hazel lighting streaking across your eyes when it does so.
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
That time, when it's not really night and not really day That time, when you're not really here and not really away. That time, when it's not all laughter and not really all goes to waste.
I lay here as I think.. A dream, of another of me awake. I look up at the ceiling. Pictured. A smile on your warm face. How could I be so lucky, yet so foolish with my ways? I try to rest. To see another day.
To be truly helpless is a commitment . Were all born more or less equal ... Yeah , many rightfully disagree . Come on , give me a starting point here . So , you shit the bed once or twice .
Dear mom, I’m tired of your games, Tired of you telling me that I will never make it. You never know my true thoughts And I refuse to share them with you,
I’m still lost, Inside my head. I’m still lost, Within this dread. I’m still lost, Leave me alone, I’m still lost,
Tread lightly, For this is a realm of darkness, A realm of pain and fear. It traps and breaks the unwary, Then leaves them lying dead.
Fear… A shadow in the closet A growl beneath the bed. Fear… Anything unexplained A brain beginning to snap. Fear…
Everyone has demons, But mine are different. They feed on my pain, And play with my sanity. They jump from shoulder to shoulder,
Every time I close my eyes, A star explodes inside my mind. I see the ones I’ve lost, They’ve all left, At the highest cost. This exploding star,
I can’t breathe right, My fingers twitch uncontrollably, People keep on speaking, They act like I’m okay. My brain feels like it’s breaking,
What's wrong  Am I ever gonna move on  I know I'm strong  And I know somethings wrong  But I don't know what it is  I feel like a piece of shit  Because of this  Its like a pain 
Can I just die  'Cause I'm having trouble survive  I'm getting tired of this strife  I'm In so much pain  Its insane  I'm getting tired of the strain  This stain is like a forever burning flame 
It's as if the breath that i was holding onto,  For a mere 20 seconds,  Was life giving me the chance to take a pause. A pause from this mad world.
It's as if the breath that i was holding onto,  For a mere 20 seconds,  Was life giving me the chance to take a pause. A pause from this mad world.
Can you take my crazy? Can you understand the voices that can't help but put me down? Shun me from my self, turn my smile to a frown You call it disorder, I call it a hoarder Keeping so much of what it doesn't need
My mind was not quite right, my thoughts would give me a fright,  grabbed me a journal, made the thoughts external, and now I'm feeling alright.
Why must I delay my cause No one here, knows my sorrow I’m but a man with no laws My sanity I borrow   I’m a sick and twisted fool
The letters that he wrote me are from a  ripped out pages of his notebook.  The edges are not jagged ,  they are soft like flower petals.  Maybe you only call my eyes  Beautiful 
My heart flutters and drops in the same second. As my imagination runs wild in this madness I call "my mind", to contain my uncontrollable laughter and aggression is a challenge that is tamed daily.
It started early today with her ear-splitting nagging Her purpose is to obey me, so I retaliated with slapping Jabbing with a screwdriver she miserably misses
It's hard to see how close we are to the edge. We'd be dead with just one step. Just one move--we'd lose our way. Every day, on the brink of insane   A fragile line to separate the sides
How much longer can I hold on? Hold on to this reality, The smiles that I place On my usually tiered face. Hold on to this image that you see A confident girl that is happy.
A sword flashes through my sight Blood flying from its blade I’m entranced It’s beautiful   I stand slack The image firm in my mind
All I can try to do is run But running will get me nowhere. It gets me a load of tired and hunger Things opposite of what I want What I want is to run without the fatigue Runing without fearing what's ahead.
I'm tired of all these morons acting like a philosophic class These people, more like sheeple standing lonely in the aftermath Thinking if only they can get the holy that is up for grabs
We all get screwed up in the end.  Life screws us up. We all face our own battles. Wage our own wars.  Concur our own enemies.  And fall down at our own turns.
"The best of us fall sometimes The strongest lose their minds  The warriors break through binds Guided like we wear blinds But the chaos is in our minds We change but not in time
clink  eggs crack against the bowl sky blue broken shell shards like glass the thin line we walk so high tightropes of minds stretched across infinity or not contrary contradictions
Its Insanity out there, in the world, in this society we know, we love, we created. That we allow ourselves to be hated, by each other by others by something we created.
my nihilistic tendencies the possibility of what i could be a monster faded from the truth listening to the loud loud boom   rocking back and rocking forth which way is south and which is north
Here I am yet again. Looking for a payout for college For education, for knowledge For a job, for a career, for more money Spend money to make money. Its money this and money that.
Can you really just wander so much?
I wish I could be like a melody My mind and body beautifuly in harmony   Instead it's a clash, a bang and a boom My body falling heavily while my head is above the moon  
Everyday feels the same, like im going insane, trying to stay in this game, No one knows, what I dare not show, And no matter where I go, You are there, showing you don't care
Her name Was Insane Jane She was insane in her brain She was always afraid of being on a plane Her Brother Wayne Was always a pain And walked with a cane
I know that you have been locked in there   Where? You can't tell, locked is all you know  
searchng for closure searching for a sign put wanted posters on billboards hoping it would catch someone's eye "watchya looking for, lady" someone replied yelling over my screams
Things like this don’t go away The sadness builds as you try to be strong Some days you can’t even get out of bed You don’t tell the ones you love If you do they get mad Like it’s your fault you’re sad
I've got you in my bare hands. Yet it's as if I am at your command. It's no wonder you have a reputation for being so witty. You know my secrets and at times they're for you to keep.
I, ego, none of these is YOU ARE WHAT I SAY cogito ergo sum, NO Multi ergo sunt
 lost in my mindstuck  between now and a time far away 
In my mind, I have lived a thousand lives, and died a thousand times.
Screams can be heard the obliterate stares of those who don't have a clue do they really  do you   The bloody fingernails scrape the chalk board and the spine tingling sound
I have zero desire to do anything constructive;
The voices they’re ragingConstantly complainingThey hurt.The soundIt’s all far too loud.I wish,I wish for them to go away.They,They tell me terrible things.
I spend hours writing to clear my brainNothing makes me feel the sameI'll even do it on the trainOn my way to work, or in the rainUnder an umbrella, or even SpainI like to do it when I'm stressed,
Tired, to even when the pen scratches paper, an uneven blank etched scrawl, It mirrors the state of mind, a crease present now and for all the pages to come, Over lines and crossing through spaces,
a little girl just barely three, sits reading beneath a tree, the other kids scamper and run around, that poor little girl dares not make a sound, she turn the page and blocks it all out, Hamlet,
Love,A Horizon compelled betweenTwo Suns and a MoonTrend carefullyBecause love is yet an eclipse that canDarken your path towards Enlightenment 
Free me from living my life in fear. are you with me? did you also witness the things I've seen. I'm Trying to figure out is it really what it appears to be,Or just my nightmare coming to my reality.
I'm lost in a world that's all my own  and as I stare at the clock it begins to race not forwards but back, leaving me, in a cloudy haze I see a familiar face, I don't quite remember, but haunting all the same,
You malicious little thing, you're living in nightmares. Spiders hide in dark in dark corners, crawl out to fill you with fright, dear.
The night creeps up and it stings because it reminds me of the things that we used to mutter and sigh, laugh and cry to each other.   The daylight shines out our pain, Oh, but the night, 
Addicted to organization  through words, throughout your thoughts  Addicted " to a certain kind of sadness"  within your fears and your doubts  Addicted to the words that bring you up 
Constanly contamplating, consistently innovating no matter what day, no matter what time  always wanting to be free of thoughts that are mine these ideas inside my head, wont alow me to sleep
You jetted in and stole my heart away. Left a hole of death in its flame proof space. Leaving flesh to lay, burning and decay.   My heart was her: beauty and acid lace. You had what I wanted and did not care.
This government’s economy has the vanity of my insanity Givin’ rich kids free rides while they can't even cover my book fee Financial Aid said I'm too rich to be poor
My skull cracksAgainst the wall atEvery-distinct-slamOf the cell doors.   Patients’ constant banterJackhammers into my brain.   The wailing coercesWith the othersThat only I know.
What I feel, must not be spoken.To assume it tacit, however, would be negligent.If not articulated.Perhaps authored.Drafted.Yes. It seems this outlet will suffice.
Darkess surrounds me, Hiding all my fears. I feel its whispers in my head. People keep pulling, They do not see, They do not know me.
The only difference between sanity and insanity is -in I lived IN your world I worked withIN your rules But i was never part of the IN crowd But now i am I'm INsane
Only those who have willingly let go Can see their mind as it leaves They perceive where its destination lies While their body’s yearn for that place They are the first to see the signs
Darkness cages, while canvas white is his only light as he avoids traces of human life. He ignores splattered paint, dripping brushes, and sickening scent of mildew and waste.
~Hell & Back i’ve seen hell & back i’ve been through here before the scars lie on my back i’ve cried many tears this isn’t fiction this fact i’ve lost friends i’ve gained angels
Broken, Insane, alone. Tearing and destroying Hopelessly falling into pain. Damaged.
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