A Letter to My Parents

Dear mom,

I’m tired of your games,

Tired of you telling me that I will never make it.

You never know my true thoughts

And I refuse to share them with you,

Because to you my thoughts are wrong.


Dear dad,

Although you try to understand me,

I cannot share my thoughts with you.

I fear our past together,

And not because of you.

I fear myself,

And I refuse to pull you into that.


Dear step-mom,

My mental health is gone,

Shattered in my soul.

I write this letter to you now,

Just to let you know.

My mind is a dark and scary place,

And I refuse to let you in.


Dear step-dad,

You think that I’m the devil,

But you’re truly hypocritical.

I’ve tried to make peace with you,

But I’m always wrong in your eyes.

I can’t bring back your buried son,

The one that you loved dear.

So stop expecting me to do so,

I refuse to conform to you.


A letter to my parents,

I love you all completely,

And yet I hate you all as well.

I blame you for my darkness,

The sanity I’ve lost.

You’re the reason for my anger,

And you’ve caused my depression.

You all expect so much from me,

But you’ve told me I can’t make it.

This is why I’m leaving,

Why I want to go away,

Because even though I love you,

I hate you all the same.


This poem is about: 
My family


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