Just A Thought (Can't Stop Thinking Freestyle)


United Kingdom

I lay here as I think..
A dream, of another of me awake.
I look up at the ceiling. Pictured. A smile on your warm face.
How could I be so lucky, yet so foolish with my ways?
I try to rest.
To see another day.

The shine of the sun. I stand by my window for fresh air. I watch the trees sway with the breeze. I think about the times. Everytime. The jokes. The laughter. Our smiles.

We look into each others eyes.
A blessing. But not in disguise. I make sure to fine the time. To make time for you. Because you are mine.
We hold hands. I smile. Lost in my thoughts I'm deaf to what you have just said.
"Sorry babe. Could you say that again."
With a smile from ear to ear. Embarrassed I smack my head.

Lost in time. Lost in rhymes. Lost in those eyes.
"Don't roll your eyes!"
Each public eye. Unfelt.
Each person like a cameo in a game.

Your glare driving me insane. I don't know what to say..
I'm.. Speechless.
I just place my hands on your face. Without a care in the world. I kiss you.
Passion flowing through my veins.
Every laying night I miss you..

Every single night its still the same.. I miss the glowing of the day. The brightness of your face.
How you.. Naturallyyyy, kill the scene. Without losing composure now.
You locked in my eyes. I'm locked in yours. The world just stares at us. Like.. Wow

Such love. So real. Its tingles every sense of mine.
I sense how it does the same. For you. While we share our smiles.

Remember hard times, when I never used to feel a thing.
I feel it now. Happiness so radiate. Its all around.
My energy, never on a down.
You helped me. Stick out from the crowd.

I love you.

Its amazing how. Amazing. Found its way around. To amaze me.
Like a baby. We both safe when we cuddle now.
Lets just snuggle down. Talk babies.
A future. Written for us now.
Don't hate me. If I intentionallyyy. Piss you off.
You know I do it because of love.
Whether your mad or your not.
Its really hot!
Turns me on.
Don't stop. Just continue on. You are my only one.

Love of my life.
Like a song. I woke up.
To make sure I jot this all down,
just because.

I miss you

This poem is about: 
My family


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