To be truly helpless is a commitment .

Were all born more or less equal ...

Yeah , many rightfully disagree .

Come on , give me a starting point here .

So , you shit the bed once or twice .

Everyone says , “that’s cool , we all do .”

”No I mean Literally , not figuratively.”

” Dude? Really ? I’d keep that to myself. “

” I had to tell someone .”

”Thanks , I guess? You must have been blotto.”

On it goes ..... and are alone in the insanity .

Then your friends call you selfish .

Well yeah , the thing is that they don’t realize just how lonely 

the selfish mind can be .

The simplest things ..... a  three way conversation with good 

body language .

A natural smile .

Relaxation that isn’t posed.

We of the lonely insane try to act nonchalant .

You all see it though .

When you see the crazy lonely person .

Do the world a solid .

We never know which came first , the crazy or the lonely.

Kindness is a cause worthy of all .

This poem is about: 
Our world


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