Madness of the Heart


United States
35° 11' 43.1304" N, 80° 44' 56.9616" W

My heart flutters and drops in the same second. As my imagination runs wild in this madness I call "my mind", to contain my uncontrollable laughter and aggression is a challenge that is tamed daily. Thousands of scenarios run through my mind and I only choose the worst, to give me a reason to leave. I choose the most harsh and end up hurting myself instead. As the pain boils in my veins my eyes open to what is my imagination in action. The confusion I get when I walk through the misery of the colors I see. Another shot. And another. The last one is a final blow. As I lay here overdosed by my own madness. No prince charming can fix the self-inflicted. All he can do is stay by my bedside as the last breathe left my lips. He cries out my name as i run pail and my blood goes cold. My heart stone. My body cold as the winter days. As one final tear runs down my cheek as I held his hand till the very end. My mistakes were what I thought hurt only myself, but my love was left alone in this corrupt castle. He was the reason of my madness. As I regret many things,but he was never one. 


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