Where do you wish to be on the spectrum of life ? (Version #2)

It's as if the breath that i was holding onto, 

For a mere 20 seconds, 

Was life giving me the chance to take a pause.

A pause from this mad world.

A pause from my incessant attempt to grasp just a mere fist of oxygen

to put back into my lungs. 

A pause from all my worries.

As i stared straight ahead,

the passing 1, 2, 3 seconds felt like 4, 5, 6 minutes.

And, Oh! How i wish i could never breathe again,

if it meant that i could dwell in that pause,

in that serene moment,

where nothing, but the sound of my dwindling heart rate can be heard. 


But i can't, can i ?

My time was up

and unless i desired to end everything then and there,

I was to breathe again;

To open the door to chaos once more

and to invite my dear friend, Insanity, inside for some tea perhaps.

Because i wasnt ready to go.

And so just like the sun cannot stay up forever,

I couldn't keep holding my breath

For, in the end, i am left to face the monsters the moon releases, as it rises, 

leaving the sun in the dark,

as well as my small moment of sanity.

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