Shut up



I tell you that all the time

I can’t help it

its something about your tone

your face

Dimples- Whatever

I blame you

I wouldn’t have to say it more than once if you just listened to me in the first place

You ne-ver stop

I doesn’t matter what I say or how indignant I get

When I tell you to shut up

you just smile

and laugh nervously like you’re up to something

I can’t stand it

You are driving me insane

You tell me i’m beautiful

so I tell you to shut up

You tell me that i’m kind, compassionate, loving, smart......Perfect

so I tell you to shut up

It’s not that i’m angry

but I have never believed any of those things to be true

How could it be true?

Dumb Question.

You then tell me again and again

and I say shut up.

Shut up


The phrase is two words but I think they mean three

I could say thank you

but that wouldn’t be enough.

I could say

no what I should say

and what I have said but not nearly enough

is I love you.

I love that you see me as more than I see my self

I love that you think, that im beautiful,

That im kind, compassionate, loving and smart.

I can’t tell you in any better way how perfect you are than by saying

I love you.

Each time I want to tell you to shut up.

This poem is about: 
My family


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