I'm lost in a world that's all my own 

and as I stare at the clock it begins to race

not forwards but back, leaving me, in a cloudy haze

I see a familiar face, I don't quite remember, but haunting all the same,

a strange sense of comfort,

envelopes my senses,

something about the face with no name.

I remember your arms,the warmth on your skin,

but who are you now? So cold, so thin.

Naught but a memory,is all you are now



My favorite part of "Nostalgia" was its last line, "Naught but a memory,is all you are now" because that is the true meaning of nostalgia. Reliving a past event that is dear to one's heart is difficult. It cannot be the exact same moment in the exact same area in which it originally happened. The memory lives on despite it not occurring in the present!

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