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In this world,  Atlas is a pregnant teen girl  On a road trip.  She carries the roads with her  Like she does  With worlds 
  My body, MY Body.  It’s funny to think about when for the longest time  it didn’t feel like mine  Now when I trace my fingers across my arms, i am a stranger to this skin  This skin is filthy , dirty. 
I was born from drug addicted parents, but no one saw me. I father killed himself when I was at the age of two, but no one saw me. My mother was mentally ill and abusive, but no one saw me.
"Don't go to that party, it's nothing but trouble"  "Fine mother, whatever. Don't call me your daughter"  Doors slam The window opens as she escaped from her room
Fakebook. Instastab in the heart. Subtweeter.   Real babies, Not dolls. Drinking beer, Not juice.   YOLO, swaggin' Getting turnt up. This generation
They all stared and laughed as I entered school that day Teen mom they said with a chuckle and a grin Ha your life will suck, they repeated again and again But I ignored the words that brought the pain
I question if i am making the right decisions.. When i look into those tearfulled eyes My child I have walkd thro hell with you still growing in my womb.. but why is it now
I feel like my life is spinning out of control
he  fights like a brawler instead of finding discipline  he has cops called on em... she lays hair like a duck's back instead of finding school  at 17 she holds 2 babies heads back...
I am a teacher, a nurse, I am a caregiver, I am who I am. I am a singer but not a dancer, I am a driver, a maid, I am a conselor and a cook. I am a correctional officer, I am a fixer, I am a provider. I am who I am.
I was only 15, young and scared.  I knew I couldn't do it. I knew I let a lot of people down.  What was I to do? I couldn't tell no one, yet I was forced.  Rumors will soon start, people would soon talk.
It would never happen here.These four walls, yes, they are fortressWith glistening steeples all within clean, no, pristine.A supernatural worldWith perfect peoplewith painted on smiles and perfect lives.
The innocence of our generation is gone, long gone, It has disappeared, nowhere to be found, Society and its children has become corrupted, Corrupted with sex, drugs, and STDS,
Children growing up too fast Hurrying to have sex before they go to class
Love or lust the line wears thin It slinks and curves its way beyond its medium Freedom! yells those tied by this thick bramble of vine like string Til lust and love becomes one  
Can you imagine? Being molested at the age of 10 Being beaten by a man you you barely knew at the age os 13 Can you imagine? Being pregnant by your step father at age of 16
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray dear lord my soul you’ll keep I Wake up in a strange place Not knowing where or even who I was
You use to be fascinated by love, asking after it as if it was a treasure map printed on the base of your spine: it seemed like everyone elses knew exactly direction to go , while you spun in circles.
I hear voices Go see the school psychologist I am not eating anything Go see the nurse I am cutting myself Go see a guidance counselor I am pregnant Go see Planned Parenthood
All alone by herself not knowing where to turn for help. Trading applying for scholarships to scheduling doctor trips. Asking God to see her through this . Young girl herself not ready to hear someone call her mother.
You are the teacher. You are “all knowing,” but you don’t see that one girl is showing. You do not see all the judgmental stares, or extreme hatred, through terrible glares.
Those little hands will never know
That night I left work I was scared I knew something bad was going to happen I took a cab to his house   When I got there We went to his room and started drinking
Birth control.  In school they teach you, Birth control, No condom, no baby, But maybe an std or HIV.  We are young, we are naive. We are virgins, who want a bad boy.
She is stared down as she walks through the halls. Her only escape are the bathroom stalls. No one is looking into her eyes. All they see is her stomache, and it's size.  
It all happened so fast. A beat of my heart. A stroke of my soul.   I looked down,                   Eyes closed. I sucked in a breath,                   Lungs filled.
I know what you are all thinking is keeping this child inside me a mistake? What if they decide to become a murderer, a rapist like their father, a thief? what if they are born from hate and therefore can only hate
He loved alcohol more than your love Like ever guy ,he said those words that made you cave in Guess he thought it was enough To make it work To fall in love  
I wish it had been a dream. I wake up in the night. Covered in sweat and full of fright. The pain is terrible. My thoughts unbearable. My muscles contract. I have to face facts. It's not my time. I feel a chill run down my spine.
From the moment I first heard her heartbeat; that I felt her move.   From the moment I first saw her; my Darling’s eyes so blue.   How anxious I was to hold her; embracing my joyous fate.
As a young lady fine and filled with lust lust that we desire for others and lust others desire for us there's a choice to be mad fast with haste 
It's not easy I know. Going where nobody likes to go. A touchy subject that's for sure. But do you even know her? The struggles she's faced? The heartbreaks and pain?
I should be complaining im not comfortable, That my feet are swollen too, Instead I’m here crying, Wishing I still had you.   I should be buying tiny clothes, Pink socks or blue shoes,
This one is for the christians Love is not morals Morals are not created by God They are created by the MIND God asks us only to be loving and kind to others Be there Teens need YOUR love
This one is for the christians Love is not morals Morals are not created by God They are created by the MIND God asks us only to be loving and kind to others Be there Teens need YOUR love
Days and days go by Weeks and weeks past Still hurt by what has passed A life that I can never get back Mistakes are made that are hard to face But at the end of the day I still feel the same way
You never thought about it You just acted by instinct I get you You got lost You had a choice and you said you consider it before Still you did it and 9 months later the results you saw
Two lost souls tangled in the rapture of youth, One spoke lies while the other breathed the truth. A fantasy of love they both had fallen for, But the boy was too imperfect; the young girl yearned for more.
It all started in the beginning. Creating this perfect world, that has no ending! A magnificent place with many dreams More than what anyone has seen
Before You There was another Seed that was sewn Oh, the poor child Whose sex was unknown A boy or a girl Time wouldn’t tell According to gospel I’m going to hell
All these little boys trying to get what you got love, money, sex, std, durgs, and game sad to say thats the world we live in babies having babies not ready for the time that baby will bring
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